Why do people become disabled?

A disability can be the result of a disease, an accident, or of genetics, which means that it is a condition that a person is born with.

A lot of times disabled people can learn new ways to do things or use special machines or specially trained animals to help them work around their disability.

How did Valentine become the patron saint of lovers?

In 270 AD, the mad Roman emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage because he believed married men made for bad soldiers. Ignoring the emperor, Bishop Valentine continued to marry young lovers in secret until his disobedience was discovered and he was sentenced to death. As legend has it, he fell in love with the jailer’s blind daughter, and through a miracle he restored her sight. On his way to execution, he left her a farewell note ending in, “From Your Valentine.”

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How-to Compose Japanese Words

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Their novel winter in the bloodstream was reprinted after his demise in 2007.

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What can parents do to help kids with their library assignments?

Very often school-age children will ask their parents for help with library assignments. And very often parents will find themselves gradually taking over and doing a report for their son or daughter. Instead, ask your parents to try the following ideas to motivate you and increase confidence in wading through a book report or library assignment (courtesy of Reading Rockets, a nonprofit educational service of WETA, Washington, D.C.’s leading public broadcasting station): • Ask your children questions about the assignment and encourage them to ask their teacher questions. This helps children to clarify what they are trying to do. Help them to identify smaller components of the topic they are researching or to see the topic as part of a larger topic. (For example, brontosaurus is a subgroup of dinosaurs, which is a subgroup of extinct animals.) These classifications will help them to identify useful references. • Suggest that they look up the topic in the library catalog, periodical guides, and reference books. The librarian will direct them and help them get started.

Be sure they know how to use a table of contents and index. Suggest they start with something general about the subject and be prepared to consult more than one source. • Help them to break assignments into logical segments and avoid last-minute panics by setting deadlines for each phase of the work. Allow them plenty of time to gather the materials they need. • Help them to determine if the community library has the resources they need or if they need to check other information sources. • Encourage your kids to ask the librarian for help in locating materials and let them do their own talking. • Give them encouragement, advice, and a ride if they need it, but resist the temptation to take over an assignment. Let your children assume responsibility for researching and writing reports. It is the best way for them to library skills that they will able to use for the rest of their lives.

Why do I need sleep?

Scientists do not know exactly why people need sleep, but studies show that sleep is necessary for survival. Sleep appears to be necessary for the nervous system to work properly. While too little sleep one night may leave us feeling drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day, a long period of too little sleep leads to poor memory and physical performance.

Hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t really there), vision problems, and mood swings may develop if sleep deprivation continues.

What are house rules and family contracts for Internet use?

Often parents and guardians work with their kids to create an online agreement that outlines the rights and obligations of computer use at home. It might be a list of rules that you agree to together, or it might be a more formal contract that both the parent and the child sign. It covers topics like where kids can go online and what they can do there; how much time they can spend on the Internet (and how much of that time is dedicated to school work); and what they should do if anything or anyone makes them feel uncomfortable. You can write down the rules for protecting your personal information and how to use chat rooms, newsgroups, and instant messaging services. Families often print the rules out and keep them by the family computer to remind everyone of the rules.

What are carnivorous plants?

Carnivorous plants are plants that receive some or most of their nutrients from trapping and eating insects, other arthropods, and sometimes small frogs and mammals. (They are sometimes called insectivorous plants because insects are the most common prey.) Like other plants, carnivorous plants need sunlight, soil, and water to grow.

Carnivorous plants generally grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen, such as bogs. Today, there are more than 600 plant species around the world that attract and trap prey, produce digestive enzymes, and absorb parts of the insect as its nutrients.