0% – Interest Tax Refund Advance Loan. Where can i get a loan

0% – Interest Tax Refund Advance Loan. Where can i get a loan


Important info: H&R Block isn’t the loan provider for the Refund Advance loan and will not figure out the consequence of the Prequalification Service. H&R Block is assisting the provider on behalf of Axos Bank ®, the lending company for Refund Advance. To use the Prequalification Service, you authorize H&R Block to deliver your details to Axos Bank as well as Axos Bank to come back the total lead to H&R Block, so the outcome are supplied for your requirements.


This document (the “Prequalification conditions and terms” or “Prequalification Agreement”) is just an agreement between you and Axos Bank that governs your use of the Prequalification Service. Please remember to very carefully read and realize this Prequalification Agreement, which carries a binding arbitration agreement in Section 7 that will require quality of disputes by individual arbitration rather than by jury studies or course actions.

  • Definitions. The language utilized in this Prequalification contract have actually the next meanings:
    1. “Axos Bank, ” “We”, “Us”, or “Our” means Axos Bank, as well as its successors, affiliates, third-party companies (including, without limitation, Emerald Financial solutions, LLC) or assignees, as relevant.
    2. “Emerald Card ® ” means the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard ® issued by Axos Bank.
    3. “Equipment” means the gear you utilize to gain access to the Prequalification Service, including although not limited by mobile phones such as for instance a cellphone, smartphone or tablet; computer systems such as for example a pc or a mobile computer; or any other devices utilized to get into the Prequalification Service. Continue reading 0% – Interest Tax Refund Advance Loan. Where can i get a loan