Do all plants have leaves?

Most plants have leaves, even if they do not look like leaves. For example, blades of grass are really leaves. Mushrooms and other fungi do not have leaves, and seaweeds and lichens do not have leaves. Seaweed, a type of algae, also does not have flowers or roots. As an underwater plant, it usually clings to stones, shells, and rocks with its holdfast, a part of the plant that looks like roots. Unlike other plants that feed through their roots, seaweed takes its nutrients from the water in which it grows.

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Why are wedding banns announced before a marriage?

The custom of proclaiming wedding banns began in 800 AD when Roman Emperor Charlemagne became alarmed by the high rate of interbreeding throughout his empire.

He ordered that all marriages be publicly announced at least seven days prior to the ceremony and that anyone knowing that the bride and groom were related must come forward. The practice proved so successful that it was widely endorsed by all faiths.

What will be the color of green in blue light?

Grass will appear dark in color because it absorbs all other colors of the light except its own green color. The blue light falling on grass will be absorbed by it, and hence, it will appear dark in color.

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Why is a rough interrogation called “the third degree”?

The third degree is a very difficult and sometimes brutal questioning, especially by police. In fact, without its sinister connotation, the expression comes from the Masonic Lodge and its three degrees of membership, each requiring an increasingly difficult examination. The first is Entered Apprentice, the second is Fellowcraft, and the third degree, the one most difficult to pass, is Master Mason.

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Why are so many flowers brightly colored?

Flowers are brightly colored to attract insects and other animals to them, Which help the plant’s fertilization by carrying pollen from one plant to another. Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors like reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, blues, and purples. A flower’s fragrance is another method of attracting pollinating visitors, especially at night when moths are out. The way in which a flower is shaped also attracts pollinators. For instance, butterflies prefer flowers with flat petals that act like a landing strip for them to sit on. Long, tubular flowers, such as honeysuckle, daylilies, and salvia are just a few of the flowers that attract hummingbirds because their long beaks can easily fit into the flower when gathering nectar.

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Which company built the WW2 Spitfire?

Supermarine. The fighter pilots of Britain’s RAF won the Battle of Britain in 1940 by a narrow margin. The quality of their solidly built Hawker Hurricane and speedy Supermarine Spitfire interceptors was one vital factor.

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