What happens when people die?

When death occurs, blood—which carries oxygen to all the cells of the body— has stopped circulating. This stoppage may be caused by damage to the heart, which is the muscle that pumps blood throughout the body, or by damage to the brain, which gives the signals that direct the heart to do its pumping. (Other circumstances, like severe accidents, also stop blood flow.) But whatever the reason, once blood stops bringing its life-giving oxygen to the body’s billions of cells—the building blocks that make up the human body—the death of those cells starts to occur. When the brain, which is the body’s command center, goes without oxygen for about 15 minutes, all cells there die. While machines can help our lungs breathe or our hearts pump blood, no machine can assume the complex functions of the brain. Without a brain, we cannot live. Soon after a person dies, an official document called a death certificate is filled out and later filed as a record with the local government. It includes such information as time, place, and cause of death.

Why are “please” and “thank you” magic words?

Saying “please” and “thank you” is a part of etiquette, or good manners. And good manners make both your home and the world a more thoughtful and generous place. The words “please” and “thank you” are special words because they make dealing with other people go more smoothly. People have to ask for help or permission all the time. Saying “please” shows that your request also comes with respect for the person you are asking. People are usually more willing to fulfill the requests of those who treat them with respect. And after someone gives you something or assists you, it is polite to say “thank you” to show your appreciation. Someone whose actions are appreciated will be more likely to help you out or be generous again.

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Why do we say someone diverted from a goal has been “sidetracked”?

Early railroads had only a single track between destinations. Problems arose when a train was met by another going in the opposite direction or was about to be overtaken by a faster one. This dilemma was solved with the creation of sidings, short lengths of track built parallel to the main line where one train could pull over while the other went by. The train had been “sidetracked,” meaning that, for a time at least, it wasn’t going anywhere.

Are marine plants used in toothpaste?

Yes, and lots of other products, too. Substances from marine plants and animals are used in many home products, including ice cream, toothpaste, fertilizers, gasoline, and cosmetics. If you read the labels of some of these products, you may find the words carrageenan and alginate. Carrageenans are compounds extracted from red algae that are used to stabilize and jell foods. Brown algae contain alginates that make foods thicker and creamier and add to shelf life. They are used to prevent ice crystals from forming in ice cream, for example. Alginates and carrageenans are often used in puddings, milkshakes, and ice cream. The remains of diatoms (algae with hard shells) are used to make pet litter, cosmetics, and pool filters. The kelp plant is often used in lipstick, toothpaste, and clothing dye.

How did Clark Kent get his name?

When conceived in 1934, Superman was endowed with the strength of ten men, but he couldn’t fly. After being turned down by fifteen syndicators, the Man of Steel took to the air and acquired the needed strength to become a super legend.

Some say Superman’s success is within the storyline of his secret identity, whose name was derived from two popular actors of the time: “Clark” Gable and “Kent” Taylor.

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How did we start celebrating Mother’s Day?

In 1907 Miss Anna Jarvis of West Virginia asked guests to wear a white carnation to the church service on the anniversary of her mother’s death. But Mother’s Day became increasingly commercial, and Miss Jarvis spent the rest of her life trying to restore its simplicity.

The strain of her efforts to stop Mother’s Day and what it had become led her to an insane asylum, where she died alone in 1948.

What type of people help make a community operate well?

Firefighters, police officers, ambulance drivers, garbage collectors, mail carriers, crossing guards public-school teachers, school-grounds and maintenance workers, public librarians, bus drivers, and parks and recreation workers are just a few of the city-service people that make a town or city run well. Every day, these and hundreds of other workers labor to make communities across the United States safe, clean, and healthy.

Many of these workers are paid for their jobs, but many also volunteer (work without pay) to help their neighborhoods be safe. The government estimates that about 60 million people volunteer each year, most often in religious, educational, youth, or community service organizations. Volunteers commonly perform activities such as firefighting, coaching, campaigning, fundraising, delivering goods, and serving on boards or neighborhood associations.