Whenever did the hookup tradition begin

Whenever did the hookup tradition begin

There’s a fairly chance that is https://www.camsloveaholics.com/chaturbate-review good hookup will begin (and end) here

We’ve explained frat rush. We’ve explained rush that is srat. Now, we’re describing another painfully confusing and process that is time-consuming types area of the backbone of Columbia student life: the hookup tradition. This post is a satirical description of the tradition, as grasped by way of a second-semester sophomore that is regarding the asexual range, simply got away from a significant long-distance relationship, and contains yet to connect with anybody at Columbia.

Barney Stinson when stated that a relationship is similar to a freeway; as soon as you can get on, you will find designated exits at very carefully predetermined periodic periods. This analogy appears a little simplistic and an arbitrary that is little the genuine world – meaning that it is ideal for Columbia. Right right right Here, I present the seven exits associated with the Columbia hookup highway.

1. Night one:

You meet somebody at a celebration, or match together with them on Tinder, or have actually an instant of extremely romantic attention contact across Ferris during top dinner hour (the very first two choices are more likely). You practice some types of sexual activity (definitions be determined by anyone). Continue reading Whenever did the hookup tradition begin