General Knowledge Questions and Answers - 1654
Questions and Answers
General Knowledge
Who is Author of Book: sceptred flute ?
sarojini naidu.
Why do metal objects spark/arc in the microwave? Why don't the metal walls of the microwave spark?


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  • In which year East India Company was brought under British parliamentary control?
  • How do circuits work, what are they made of, and who came up with the concept?
  • How does the player (laser) read the whole disk at once?
  • What is a short in the electrical system of a car? What causes shorts?
  • Who is Author of Book: one world to share ?
  • Where did the first session of Indian National Congress hold ?
  • Silver hallmarks - what object is stamped on Birmingham items
  • The Moluccas are better known as where
  • An arenaceous plant grown in what type of soil
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