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General Knowledge
The name of which Roman god means ‘shining father' in Latin?
What are the risks of occupational exposure to "black" fluorescent lamps?


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  • A while ago, there was a fad to have T-shirts that changed colors with changes in temperature. How did those shirts work?
  • Out of Infanticide, Sati, Slavery &Lotteries, which was outlawed / abolished first at the beginning ofeighteenth century?
  • Which two countries have signed the Nuclear Swap deal with Iran?
  • Approximately one-sixth of your life is spent on Wednesdays.
  • In Sikandara, the mausoleum of which Mughal Emperor situated?
  • How do you convert a measurement in liters per second into one in gallons per minute?
  • What is the worlds most popular green vegetable
  • Pierce Brosnens contract stops him doing what in any other film
  • If you were given some marlite what would you do with it
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